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3200 km in 6 days


What a drive! Wooww! If you want to read, how I started my long distance driving experience, then welcome!...

I was couchsurfing with dear John in Adelaide. He was my first host after a long while in travel. We had a great time with him. In one of our chats he mentioned about "Relocation" concept of cars or camper vans. Beside normal rental procedures there is another "Relocation" procedure for travelling with Camper vans or cars. This story started with this information. ­čÖé

Leaving cold Adelaide (maybe for a  future time)...

Adelaide was my first stop of my new travel after living 1,5 years in Sydney. But the season was too cold for me to be in South Australia that I didn't expect. After some museum and art gallery visits, wandering outside was not a pleasure to me.

I am quite sure that I am for warm climates, seasons and places. Adelaide was nice but the freezing weather keeps me away from enjoying. Unfortunately it was the coldest time for being here. I will write about my Adelaide memories later but the priority belongs to my 3200 km driving experience to Perth. 

The distance from Adelaide Airport to Perth Airport was 2700 km on navigation. I had to finish this route in 6 days. In the beginning it may seem reasonable to drive 2700 km in 6 days. But if you want to enjoy with some deviation from the main route, it is a bit hard to catch up with time.   

But anyway, I enjoy every second of this long distance driving experience. I am in love driving cars. I don't mind the model or luxury so much. The camper van in the Britz (rental company) deal was Toyota Hiace, which is quite basic and old camper van but a good friend. In a way I enjoy turning wheels taking me places with reasonable cost (Also I may tell the people who wants to hear about this car).

Long Distance Drive Starts with Wine  Region (Barrossa and Clare Valley)...

I head up north from Adelaide and deviate from the route to see Barrosso and Clare Valley whicjh is very famous with their wines. It was beautiful to drive along the vineyards. The landscape was beautiful but relocation time limit kept me stay at night here and I went on driving after some stops in one cellar door "Chateau Dorrien". My first stop was Gladstone that night. I started to make friends in the first instance. Geoff and Jannie were the firs couple who we started to share our "Things" in this travel.

  • Barosso Valley

Long Straight Roads...

In a short while I understood that this drive would not a site seeing to be done in a very relaxed mood. But there is an optimum any time, if you are content with yourself. I enjoy places and it was like a game to specify new destinations and try to reach them. I started to count 2-3 kms first then it changed to 10s then 50s then 100s.

Head of Bight and Southern Right Whales (about to extinct)...

I did not know that "Southern Right Whales" are in danger to be extinct species in whale families. They were/are in "Head of Bight" this time (july) just 12 km away from the road. I definitely advice to be there to watch the whales wandering in front of you with their children. The colour of the bay is also breath taking. Whales are in groups or alone were exhaling, showing their tales, swimming softly. This place is certainly requires ZOOM lenses if you want to get better and closer photos. Sorry for my old friend 14-42 Lumix GF-2 and mobile phone camera which were not enough in distances.

Thanks to Young family (Blair and Belize) for their hospitality.

  • Thanks to Blair and Belize, Head of Bight Visitor center...

Nullabor Plains...

It was long. It was featureless as expressed dear Simon. Maybe, but I like to drive there. As some people say Nullabor is dull and empty but to me I enjoy there a lot. Maybe the hardest part was of this drive was the longest straight road of Australia which is 146,6 km between "Caiguna" and "Balladonia". I took the photos of these long and not-winding roads.

Road Trains...

Oversize trucks are really oversize here. There are Road Trains that carry three containers. They are long and deserve the name road train. It was a different experience to overtake them.

For the night I headed on Norseman that I had a beautiful time with Evans family. Love you guys. Thanks for sharing your family's pure and simple and precious lovely moments.

Wave Rock...

My last stop was Wave Rock in Hyden which is 350 km to Perth. These amazing formations has scientific story of stone and aging but it demonstrates as if a wave from the rock with its stripes and shape. It was fascinating.

Beautiful Perth...

After driving over 3000 km when I was approaching the city in a sunny day. The smell of the city made me happy. I was deadly tired but very happy indeed.

Kate was the first friend with helping-supporting hand in this beautiful city, then Victor with his warm hosting went on making my days beautiful.

I have to get a good rest now. Then I will be heading to North for another adventure or just travel whatever you call it.

Thanks again to all friends on the road!

Here is warmer than Adelaide and the city smells Ocean to me. I feel very good.

Hello Perth! (19 July 2017)