The title is “Baltic States” but basically this trip was mainly to the north of İstanbul. My stops were Kiev, Lviv, Warsaw, Riga, Tallinn and Helsinki.

“From İstanbul up to the north till the North Pole”

My intention was to do a slow moving trip to north from İstanbul. The title was so strong in my mind and looks like a long journey. But life has other plans as always and for this time I had to cut this trip short. I got a #whatsapp message from one of my friend and I went Rome to a catamaran yacht delivery from Genoa to Marmaris Turkey (Türkiye). 

There were so many options in my mind like train trips, travel with car, river cruises, etc. But at last I started by Kiev, Ukraine by a flight from İstanbul.

My stops in this travel were;

  • Kiev, Lviv (Ukraine),
  • Warsaw (Poland),
  • Riga (Latvia),
  • Tallinn (Estonia),
  • Helsinki (Finland).

At the end of this trip I had a marvelous two days in Rome. I felt beautiful in Rome. Historic, tasty, expensive city. Rome is another story.


The traces of Iron Curtain times still is on this nice country. Finding my “SKY HOSTEL” was a bit difficult but I enjoyed my stay there. It was the 7th floor of a decent block of buildings and apartments. It is a new hostel. It was the cheapest one that I can find in It was 11 Euro/day (August 2018) with no breakfast. Nice kitchen by the way and friendly owner Constantin and crew.

I am a budget traveler with enough luxury. I am traveling with my money. So far I did not get no sponsorship and I was self sufficient. The week I traveled there was Turk Lira lost so much value in front of all currencies. This made me more and more concerned about money in travels. Anyway I will be very careful in my expenses after this travel.

I met with dear Daria after our first meeting in Budapest in 2014. She is still shy and nice person., but university graduate now. I met with a great Turkish family; Taylan, Füruzan and Mehmet. There lots to tell but I prefer photos instead.



Coming to Lviv became problematic a bit. There was a big truck accident on the road which stopped us more than 1,5 hour. I went there to meet my dear friend Enis. I love the historic city. Definitely a touristic spot but nice place.



Warsaw was a day stop for my flight to Riga. I had two train trips in Poland. One to Premeşer from Lviv (borer crossing to Poland from Ukraine) the other to Warsaw from there. I did not see much in Poland but I love the ambient. I love the spirit that this beautiful country gave me.


I met my brother İlkin in Riga. It was a pleasure to travel with someone you are getting along with very well. Riga is a small but nice city. We enjoyed the local beer and some suburbs Viceka and Jurmala.


I like Tallinn. The historical old town was nicely preserved. It was touristic as you can imagine. From my perspective Tallinn is expensive like other parts of the world. I observe the increase of the prices every where. I have no numbers to give but as a traveler on the roads I feel it deeply. Anyway together with İlkin it was nice


I love this city even I just spent a day. I love the ambiance. cafes nearby the roads, streets and people. I just missed my friends especially Joni. Definitely I will be there next time to enjoy city more and spend time with them.