MALAYSIA October 2017

I reached Malaysia in the beginning of October. The weather was hot and humid for me except Cameron Highlands. You will read about and take a look at photos from:

  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Melaka
  • Cameron Highlands
  • Perhentian Island
  • Ipoh
  • Penang
  • Langkawi Island


The flight from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur was nice and I was on my way to my hostel Agosto Inn, near Pasar Sini. Actually I did not spend much time in Kuala Lumpur. I went out to see the early life in the back streets of Chinatown. Here also they celebrate Hindu Festival “Deepavali”. I wandered about without purpose here. I need sometimes to do nothing. It was a short break for me after Singapore. I did not spend much there. For a traveler it may be a bit boring after 3 days. Batu Cave is one of the missing places for me but maybe you may think to visit. Petronas towers and the garden around was nice to spend time. I did not try the night life but as they say there are some nice places for the lovers of that type. “KL” stand for Kuala Lumpur. If you have been Kuala Lumpur you should say KL from then on. 🙂

I headed to lovely “Melaka” after some days in KL.

Melaka or Mallaca…

Melaka is a very nice historic city. There is a traditional market on Friday-Saturday-Sunday nights which is a sort of touristic attraction. As soon as I reach my cozy hostel “Ole Lavanderia Cafe” I went out for the night market to eat and enjoy the ambiance. I ate street food and wander about the stands of a lot of unnecessary things. I walked in the streets of this ancient city at night. I like it from the first site.

I wanted to sleep early. But we had a good chat with the friends in hostel. Hostel “Ole Lavanderia Cafe” is a hostel and a Cafe at the same time. It is only for 5 people. One room hostel. The owner Sam is a smiling nice guy who also speaks Mandarin because of his Chinese origin as most of the people in Melaka (in old town area).

It was already midnight and I was feeling tired after 3 months of traveling. But the chat went on till 4 o’clock in the morning making me sick the next day. Then I wanted to slow down and chill out. All my days were in slow motion mood in Melaka.

In my this exploratory journey in South East Asia the forcing factor ws the hot weather that is not that much for me.

Dutch Square, St. Xavier Church, riverside walks, night markets, Masjid Selak (mosque nearby the sea), Indian district. Wandering around the Melaka was nice. Strongly recommended for travel or vacation.

Cameron Highlands

After hot and humid Melaka days I was in Heaven in Cameron Highlands. There are some touristic activities in the area such as Mossy Forest, Butterfly places, waterfalls, walks in the tea plantations, strawberry farms etc that you may visit. But for me Cameron Highlands is one of the best places in Malaysia for me with its CALM (normal) Weather. I loved it. You may do a lot of activities there including I listed above and farmers markets etc.

Be away from Cameron Highlands if possible Saturday and Sunday !!

The roads to Cameron Highlands are windy generally. The roads are really good but mountain area and there are landslide risk in some area due to heavy rain. Since the roads are too curvy and windy the distances are taken in long times. You may take 25 km road in an hour. Additionally Saturdays and Sundays have very heavy traffic. But if you are fed up with hot and humid weather remedy is Cameron Highlands…

Perhentian Islands…

I did my best snorkeling in my life here so far. I am amazed by the underwater view and stayed in water with no protection for hours. Later I suffered so much for the sunburns on my back. Anyway, underwater is amazing here. Snorkeling in Perhentian Island is comparable with scuba diving. I saw a lot of species and corals were outstanding. You may take daily tours in both islands and they take you several snorkeling spots. It is a nice and must daily activity in the island. I recommend snorkeling in the first day and enjoy the island.

There are two islands as small and big. I was in the small one as they say in Malay Language as “Kecil”.

It was mid October when I was there and the island was about to be closed for Monsoon Season. Luckily I was on time. After two days I left the island the activity is ended in the island. The prices are not that high but a little bit above the Malaysia standards. It is one of the backpackers standard stops.

Beware the mosquitos!!!

I mean take necessary precautions. Unfortunately I am a mosquito attractive person. Use your repellent or whatever you use. They were the annoying part of my stay in Perhentian.

“Tioman Island” and “Taman Negara Malaysia” is on my to do list. Just you to keep in mind.

Not to mention about the new friends and so many chats and fun times.

Transportaion Tips for Leaving Perhentian…

You will have return your ticket from/to the main land for speed local boats. They are really fast and hopping you a lot on the way. This is fun. Which is problematic to organize your journe from Kuala Besut (mainland town to reach Perhentian). Do your arrangements in advance, otherwise you may find yourself in an other place then your destination in your mind. Generally people go to Penang from there. Or you may go Taman Negara or you may go back Cameron Highlands like me and 6 companion. Actually I am happy to meet them it was really fun to spend time with them. Anyway I am in my travel and friendship, havin experience is much more important. I met and spent two days with 4 young people and a Polish couple. Yes I loose some time but the gains were much bigger.


Ipoh is an historic city on the way to Penang. I spent there 8 hours. There are local buses to city center for 1,80 RM (Ringit Malaysia). No need to deal with taxi drivers. The bus is on the second floor in Ipoh bus terminal (in 2017 October). You may come back with the same bus from the city central bus station where you get off.

Ipoh is a “Tin” rich place in history. Tin mines made the city important and vivid at those times. Today’s Ipoh worth to see with old buildings, Chinese background and food etc. One of the important buildings is Central Train Station.

Train Trips in Malaysia…

This first time I missed the opportunity. But there are touristic and other routes in Malaysia worth to experience. Please keep in mind.


Penang is said to be the food capital of Malaysia. Street food has so many varieties. You may find a lot of accommodation in Georgetown where the most travelers stay.  One of the gateways to Thailand travelers heading up. Besides it is an important port city.

It has a big population of Chinese Malaysians. The buildings and architecture in Georgetown is really nice. You may see the influence of both European and Chinese properties.

Lastly Malaysia seem to me cheaper than Indonesia. But most people say contrary. Maybe this was because of the activities I participated were less in Malaysia.

Malaysia was very clean. Highways were really good.

I did not have drastically internet problems in the islands. It wasn’t very good enough to upload all photos but communication with friends and family were ok.

I will come again to visit the missing parts.

Thanks Malaysia! 

Tomorrow is 01 November 2017 and I am heading to Thailand…

Koh Lanta Island will be my first stop.

Hey reader, take care anyway where you are!